Policy Overview

Quality standards:

1.     Xtate strives for excellence and professionalism in all areas of its activities while maintaining long term fair relations with customers, suppliers and employees;

2.     Xtate views customer satisfaction as paramount to its success and existence, while doing everything possible to meet customer’s requirements as agreed with them;

3.     Xtate views its human resources as the most important asset for achieving company’s goal. All company’s management and staff are committed to allocating needed resources for achieving business excellence while minimizing risks;

4.     Xtate constantly monitors the quality of its service and the effectiveness of its quality management system to create a continuous improvement process, while complying with all requirements according to the law and relevant regulatory requirements.

All employees are aware, committed and know:

1.     To implement the quality policy principals and the quality goals relating to his role;

2.     To contribute to the effectiveness of the quality management system and improve the quality performance;

3.     To contribute to high quality of work;

4.     To work according to the mandatory safety and health requirements in work environment;

5.     To commit and remain loyal to customers’ demands and expectations;

6.     The implications of non-conformity with the requirements of the quality system and how to act in the event of non-conformity.

*** This page is a part of XTATE.AI actions to meet the ISO-9001 standards.***