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Sure, Futuristic Combat Goggles Are Cool… But Are They Practical?

When trying to imagine the future battleground, we picture robots with digital weapons, who can see through walls or trees, detecting their target through all-powerful devices. Actually, these days are fast becoming a reality. The US army is currently testing and implementing augmented reality combat goggles which are designed be the key tool of the future solder. Based on IVAS…

Will the Future Battlefield Rely on Non-GPS Navigation?

On the battlefield, location accuracy is a life-or-death factor, so it’s no surprise that GPS (Global Positioning System) has become indispensable to global militaries. GPS provides armies with location accuracy and timing for navigation, targeting, and command of troops, missiles and military devices and assets. The GPS constellation is based on 24 satellites aligned in 6 orbital planes, and was…

Can the Future Battlefield Overcome Communication Challenges?

One of the top factors in any battle strategy are information and communication. These are vital not just for winning a battle, but also for preventing an especially lethal and tragic event in combat, termed “friendly fire” – a sadly frequent scenario where troops mistakenly fire at their own solders. Unbelievably, just a century ago, the gold standard for battlefield…