About US


For us, the goal is redefining the future battlefield, through life-saving technology.
We believe our mission is simply… saving lives.

Even before we talk about the staff and the people themselves, it is important to understand the spirit of the company. The main feature that characterizes each of the team members, is the strong desire to bring a solution.

“The difficult is what takes a little time,  

The impossible is what takes a little longer.”


  – Fritjof Nansen

Problems we encounter on a daily basis are very complex problems because the technology we develop does not exist. It requires us to walk on new ground and find solutions every day anew.

We love the challenge of tackling terrain which has never been walked on.
We enjoy sharing information with each other and thinking outside of the box. We’re not ashamed to say “I don’t know”. First and foremost, we share our ideas, even when they are delusional, bizarre, bordering on science fiction.
Why? “Imagination is more important than information. Because knowledge is limited, and imagination is infinite.” (Albert Einstein)

We attach great importance to every idea that comes to mind. Maybe, just maybe, it will be the idea that ignites the next big thing.


Gal Rotem

Founder and CEO

A serial entrepreneur passionate about synergizing technology’s new needs and applications. Deep technical and product management skills, balanced with a strategic business vision, with more than 20 patents in different fields. Enjoys driving technology teams toward a focused winning target.

Eduardo Guendelman


An engineer, corporate executive, and serial tech-entrepreneur with deep technical expertise in radars, location technologies, GPS, and aerospace. A visioner who brings the company a wealth of technology and business experience.

Miron Voin


A system engineer and researcher, proficient in multidisciplinary, science-intensive technologies. Miron brings with him decades of experience in tracking antenna systems for aeronautical telemetry and satellite communication, radar and other applications.

Dror Nedivy

Senior RF Architect

Dror is a technology expert with many years of experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing sophisticated telecommunication systems and embedded microcontroller systems for industrial and scientific applications.

Yotam Ezer

Product Designer

Yotam is among the top industrial designers in Israel, with many years of product design experience and a most impressive portfolio, including military products.

Itamar Cohen

Military Advisor

Ltc. on reserve duty with 25 years of operational command experience in the most elite unit of the IDF and 5 years in the Israeli Security Agency (Shabak) Holds a LLB in Law and Business from the IDC Herzliya and MBA from Ono.